Ever Green Lawns
"Lakes Area Sprinkler Specialist"


Our irrigation services include installation of new under ground irrigation systems, ongoing maintenance of new or existing systems, as well as spring startup and fall shutdown.

Every new system that we install comes with a four year warranty on all materials and labor.  That means that anything that may need to be fixed or replaced on your irrigation system in the first four years will be replaced free of charge.  If you do some research you will learn that this warranty far exceeds that of most of our competitors.  We stand behind the products that we put in the ground and behind the labor we completed to get it there. 

We install our systems with Toro, Hunter or Rainbird brands of materials.  Each customer may choose if they have a preference of one over another. 

Why own an irrigation system?

Consistent Watering - While you are working, relaxing, out of town on business or away on vacation, your system will automatically work in your absence and keep your lawn and landscapes watered, beautiful and healthy.
Be Green! -  We should all be more environmentally sensitive today and if we water using a hose or hand sprinkler, we often forget the water is running and can leave it on for hours and as a result, over water. 
Value - Your lush lawn and landscapes will add to curb appeal, one fo the most important aspects of real estate value.
Beauty - A beautiful and lush landscape for everyone to enjoy can be the ultimate reward for your investment.

Our service extends to areas that include Detroit Lakes, Park Rapids, Perham, Ottertail, Battle Lake, Bertha and everything in between.  If you have any interest in an irrigation system, give us a call.  We can complete free no obligation bids to anyone who requests it.  We also have a variety of customers who would be happy to talk to you about their service from our company.


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